Customer Service

Improving Customer Service

"Customers today have very simple demands - they want it perfect, they want it free, and they want it now!"   Great Customer Service is no longer a "nice to have" - it's essential...

Customer Service is at the very heart of Lean Thinking. In fact, the first two steps of Lean are

(1) understand exactly what the Customer wants; and

(2) design your prcoesses to deliver this.

World Class organisations get to know their customers' business inside out. They know exactly what their customers value - what they're prepared to pay for and what they aren't.  

Armed with this knowledge they design products that provide value and can be manufactured profitably.

They consistently meet or exceed Quality, Cost and Delivery targets. And they're always looking for opportunities to increase their "value add".

That's why we've developed expertise in this area. From simple tools and techniques to complete Service Excellence programmes. Backed up by bespoke Sales Skills training, Mystery Shopper surveys and a whole range of effective approaches. All designed to delight your customers, increase margins and drive revenue growth.

Our services at a glance:

  • Establishing "Value": what your customer will pay for
  • Designing innovative, profitable products
  • Massively reducing your lead-times
  • Developing supply partnerships with customers and suppliers
  • Creating agile, flexible supply chains
  • Designing products using affective engineering (Kansei)
  • "Packaging" and selling your Technical know-how
  • Developing world-class Spares, Service and Repairs operations
  • Developing high-value "add-on" services
  • Introducing Customer Service Excellence programmes
  • Conducting Mystery Shopper Surveys
  • Using Value Added Sales Techniques (VAST)

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