Reducing Costs

Reducing Costs

Reducing costs becomes essential when you're facing increases in materials costs, a rising wage bill and ever-increasing overheads. Especially when you can't pass on those costs to your Customers. We have a whole range of proven techniques - and a lot of common sense experience - to help you.  Working with our Cost Reduction specialists, you'll reduce the right costs in the right way. That means more gain, less pain. Here are some of the many areas we can focus on:

Better Purchasing and Stock Control

Our Supply Chain Specialists can help you work more closely with your Customers and Suppliers. Effective collaboration adds Value, strips out excess costs and reduces risk. Professional Purchasing and Supplies Management helps you reduce both your bought-out costs and your stock-holding costs. And the right programme of Inventory Record Accuracy helps reduce stock levels, eliminate shortages and cut lead-times.

Better Utilisation of Assets

When it comes to plant and machinery, we can show you how to increase output, reduce set-up times, and improve reliability. We can train your operators to perform basic maintenance tasks. And if they're already doing this we can help them move onto Total Productive Maintenance.

Better Productivity

Our Productivity experts can show you how to develop accurate standard times, allowing you to plan more effectively, to create accurate labour costings and to measure and increase productivity. Training your people to do this means that you can keep control of labour costs and start to design costs out.

Lower Overhead Costs

When it comes to reducing Overhead costs we can help you to reduce your non-core spend and ensure that non-production staff add Value to the business and its customers.

The Benefits for You and Your Business

Helped by our expert Consultants and Trainers, you can

  • Cut out wasted time, money and effort
  • Massively increase your labour productivity
  • Get much more from your plant and your people

And by doing this, your business performance improves, your risks are reduced and your employees are more engaged. As one of our delighted clients said: "More from less - what more could any company want!"

To find out how we can help you email us now, call 01325 627 070 or complete our contact form.