Increase Production Output

How to Increase Your Production Output - the Lean Way

When you need to increase production output, there's the usual way and there's the smart way. If you think that more factory output means more people, more space and more stuff, then you're missing the point of Lean Thinking.

Lean can massively increase productivity, so that you can do a lot more with the same resources.  If you're working inefficiently for 40 hours per week you could increase your output by up to ten times - from the same plant - without throwing money at the problem.

"We've inceased capacity so much that we no longer need to move to a new factory!" - this is what applying Lean meant to one of our clients, the owner of a rapidly growing Engineering business. At the time their turnover was £1.2m - 15 years later it's £16m.

Getting materials and products to flow smoothly through the factory, adding value, achieving "right first time" at every step, keeping it simple and visual - that's what good looks like, whatever you want to call it. Whether you're at the early stages or you've been improving your factory for years, there's a good chance that we can help you get better results more quickly.

We provide the right mix of training, advice and hands-on help to make it happen. With our help you can eliminate bottlenecks, reduce changeover times, banish waste and increase productivity. Often without increasing your workforce or needing to move to new premises.

Here's an example of how we helped one of our clients handle a 92% increase in sales: Olicana Ramp-up

So if you want to increase production output - the Lean way - email us now, call 01325 627 070 or complete our contact form.